Blog3 770x430 - Our Right to Good Health: Why is Our Healthcare Built to Serve Only Few

Our Right to Good Health: Why is Our Healthcare Built to Serve Only Few

People have the right to proper healthcare regardless of financial status. Why is it that our uphill battle to have affordable healthcare never seems to end? What are we doing wrong?
Even before our current president was sworn into office, he was never glib about the fact that the wanted to repeal the Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA) or more commonly known as “Obama Care”. While the ACA was not perfect, it allowed a lot of Americans access to relatively affordable healthcare.

Our politicians are fighting pretty much every day to either remove or sustain our healthcare. What a lot of people don’t understand is why is the Trump administration is so hell-bent on removing ACA when it cannot even present a suitable alternative. When routinely asked about it, our president would only speak in vague and general terms like “It’s going to be great!” or “It’s going to be the best!”

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These are pretty much the descriptions that you would expect from a child and not someone who you trust to run your government. Americans are torn on whether or not they support or condemn ACA but these are also the people who have benefitted from it.

If you go to the White House webpage, you will find that the information regarding ACA is no longer there. Instead, we have archives we can comb. However, the information you find there may no longer be applicable.

Our physicians are torn between their understanding of the insurance network and their own need to make a profit. This is why people like Margaret Flowers quit her practice and has actively been laboring for a healthcare reform. She understood the fact that there is a grave economic gap between those who need ACA and those who do not.

What do we really need?

At this point in time, if our government cannot provide us with a suitable alternative to the ACA, they need to leave it where it lies. They need to present logical and factual arguments as to why it needs to be removed. They also need to establish what they’re going to change. A lot of people’s lives are on the line here.

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It doesn’t bode particularly well that our current leader has never known hardship or what it’s like to need medical care and not afford it. He speaks as if he knows our plight while being deaf to our cries. He is a businessman; at least, that’s what he says he is. So how would someone who has always had net profit as the end goal suitably understand the gulf between patients and their expensive medical bills?

We need new options and we need better opinions that the ones we’ve all heard before. The sad truth of it all is that medical practice, with all its bells and whistles, is still a multi-billion dollar profit market. So is it really so surprising that those in the lower economic bracket would be unable to access suitable healthcare? Everything is so wrong.

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The Rabid Teeth of Social Justice

Just what is social justice? It’s a term constantly thrown around yet what does it really mean? Today, we take a closer look at what social justice is and its effects in our society.

What is social justice?

By definition, it should be the fair and equal distribution of resources and opportunities. There should be no category of people that should have any leverage over the other. In the early eras of social awareness, the term social justice was directed toward those in dire poverty. The emphasis was placed on the need for the equal distribution of resources.

In other words, everything is equal. This, however, is hardly what our society at large gets to experience. This fact is particularly true today.

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Who should be responsible for social justice?

The common belief was that it was only the government that should keep a watchful eye on social injustices. However, what is to occur when it is the government itself that doles out injustices?

In a nutshell: everyone. When people turn a blind eye to the wrongdoings done to others, they are complicit in allowing the injustice to continue. This is why the terms like ‘woke’ are constantly being used in social media today. The younger generations are realizing that they need to fight in order to still have a world to live in. They understand that what’s happening lately is not okay.

What social justice issues persist today?

To be honest, there are so many issues that are occurring all at the same time. The ones that are at the cusp of heated discussion would be the Charlottesville White Nationalist Rally. It could be said that the clash that occurred there was the result of rabid social justice standpoints from both sides.

Both sides equally believed that they had something to legitimately fight for. Where do we draw the line? While social responsibility is a lovely theory, the actions undertaken by a person or a group should benefit the whole of society and not just the sect they belong to.

What we have now are people who ride the idea of social justice without really understanding or putting into effect what it actually means.

img2 - The Rabid Teeth of Social Justice

What can one person do?

One person, with the right words and the right crowd, can change the world. We’ve seen it happen. This is why it is extremely crucial for individuals to educate themselves and develop critical thinking. We need to sift out what are actual issues from what is simply noise. We also need to come together to peacefully attain a solution that’s beneficial to all parties involved.

Most people confuse the idea of satisfaction versus justice. Instead of having those who are only after personal satisfaction, justice is an idea that must be upheld in its truest sense. We all need to stop shouting at each other and really listen.

In the same vein, we need to constantly reevaluate the methods in which social justice is fought. We all have to live here.

Blogpost 770x430 - Breaking the Duopoly: A Closer Look on Why American Politics Needs a Third Party

Breaking the Duopoly: A Closer Look on Why American Politics Needs a Third Party

Today, we take a closer look at the permeating duopoly that the American voters can’t seem to shake off. The duopoly must be reevaluated. The American public deserves more choices.

In the past several years, our national politics have revolved around the wheel of having either a Democrat or a Republican at the helm. Before the 45th president (a Republican) was sworn in—a democrat was in power for eight years. While there was a significant amount of progress for equality under the Obama regime, our current president is more inclined to undo most policies without providing a suitable alternative.

While the elephant and the donkey are busy fighting each other, it is the American public that suffers in the crossfire. This has always been the issue with the duopoly in our politics. The ebb and sway of opinion usually means that decisions have been stalled simply because there is an even hold in voting power.

What would a third party be able to accomplish?

If the American voters had a third party to choose from, the potential for reform is stronger. A third party has the ability to serve as a bridge to connect the voters who feel alienated by the often polar extremes of the two parties.

There is more to the world than being a liberal or a conservative. Given the events that permeate our political sphere of late, there is no more middle ground. When you’re a republican, it’s either you fully support the president or be called a snowflake. On the flipside, it’s either you abhor everything 45 stands for or you’re a budding neo-Nazi. However, the world is not so simple. You can dislike policies that the president enact and still approve of others.

Having a third party in the mix enables lost voters to revitalize their interest in our democratic process. If we have a third party, we can achieve real progress as new agendas can be presented. Fresh views can be added into the intellectual sphere. We need better options and we need them now.

duopoloy - Breaking the Duopoly: A Closer Look on Why American Politics Needs a Third Party

We need change NOW

Our country is in a pretty precarious state. Unemployment is at a high. The funding for our environmental agencies has been severely undercut. Our students face crippling debt before they’re even out of school. Instead of the focus on this, it seems that the world is more interested in finding out the latest ‘tweet’ or coming up with the latest ‘fake news’.
There is too much bickering and not much actual progressive action in our country.

Our system isn’t working to our benefit any longer

Both democrats and republicans have effectively put in place ways to sustain themselves from being supplanted by any other party. This security meant that they can underperform without any significant consequences. If their candidate loses, they merely need to wait four years before they can try again.

The American citizen ends up having to deal with whatever mess is left behind. Enough is enough. We truly deserve more.