Blog9 770x430 - Taking a Stand: When the President Threatens Your Healthcare Access

Taking a Stand: When the President Threatens Your Healthcare Access

Donald Trump really loves Twitter. So much so that he can’t seem to stay off it. As such, we get an unfiltered insight into his thoughts and actions regarding our healthcare. It seems that the man is obsessed with dismantling the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that was put in place by his predecessor.

When Mr. Trump was sworn into office, it seemed that he was well on his way to uprooting ACA. The Senate was majorly Republicans so it came as such a surprise that the ACA repeal has failed more than once. The president, along with this staff, had constantly harped on about not only repealing the ACA but replacing it with something that would effectively provide superior coverage at an even lower price. How they hoped to accomplish that while simultaneously promising to spend less public money is a pretty big mystery.

The day after the Senate failed to repeal the ACA, he tweeted which sent chills down everyone’s spines. In 140 characters or less, he pretty much threatened to end cost-sharing reduction subsidies for lower income Americans AND end the employer contribution for Congress members and their staff members.

Does our president have such absolute authority that he can simply cut people off from their bailouts?

Healthcare is not a stick to beat the American populace with. Yet, that is exactly what Trump is doing. A lot of Americans previously did not have access to adequate healthcare. That was something that the ACA helped with. Granted that the ACA has its share of flaws, it still managed to help countless of Americans with their medical emergencies and needs.

What do we, as Americans, do when the person who is supposed to make our lives better is on the path to make everything so much worse? What legal avenues can we realistically pursue? Here are a few suggestions:

Get in touch with your state representative

That’s what they are there for. Try to find who your representative is and let your voice be heard.

pro1 - Taking a Stand: When the President Threatens Your Healthcare Access

Join in peaceful protests

As the political climate is strife with imminent hatred, it is even more important to showcase tolerance and peace. Take for example the Women’s March that occurred January this year. To-date, it is one of the largest single day protests in our history. Not only did it give a good show of numbers, it also sent a pretty clear message to Trump and the rest of the world.

Be discerning about the information you spread

The internet can be a pretty helpful place. It can also be quite treacherous. Facts are friends and you should arm yourself with them. Be careful with any pro or anti-Trump articles floating around in the internet. Take time to verify any information that you read before sharing. There is already significant confusion and strife in the world. It would be prudent not to add to any of it.
Trump is where he is because of the people. They can get him out as well.

Blog6 770x430 - The ACA and the High Premiums that Gut Us All

The ACA and the High Premiums that Gut Us All

The Affordable Care Act was supposed to be our salvation. It helped but the unforeseen rise in premiums caught everyone off guard. Today, we take a closer look on such a hot issue.
It was in the 20th of March in 2010 that President Obama had signed the ACA into law. This heralded a great many changes in the US healthcare system. The goal was to increase healthcare coverage and several others. At the time, it was a very welcome change.

Before the enactment of the ACA, people could only achieve health plans through their employers. Soon after, people could then attain a healthcare plan on their own. It came as a relief that there was another option besides the ridiculous healthcare premiums of existing health insurance companies. It was these high premium costs coupled with large medical bills that drove most Americans into bankruptcy. Everything had looked so dire. It was common to hear stories of retirees who could no longer pay for their own medical bills.

So when the ACA was passed, most Americans thought that the worst was over. There was a drastic drop in the overall number of uninsured elderly persons. The lower income households were now covered.

r1 - The ACA and the High Premiums that Gut Us All

However, it seems that all the celebrations were a tad premature.

Recent studies have shown that it was ACA itself that drove up premiums further. Around four years before ACA came to be, various families comprised of different age groups had experienced a 9.2% or less. Within the first four years of the ACA itself, every age group and family type received the startling increase of 56-64%.

The families that could previously afford healthcare found themselves at a loss and looked toward acquiring Medicaid. Acquiring this wasn’t as simple as people expected as not all states had chosen to expand Medicaid. This eventually led to an overburdened system that was still in its infancy.

There is no denying that ACA has helped countless families all across the country. However, it wasn’t just the premiums that were rising. Even the deductibles were rising. Deductibles refer to the limit that people needed to pay as covered by insurance plans before they are able to share costs with the insurance company. The combination of the premiums and the deductibles were truly a bit much.

r2 - The ACA and the High Premiums that Gut Us All

Other than the steep premiums, the extensive coverage of the ACA meant there were longer waiting times in emergency rooms. Everyone hates bureaucracy and doctors are no exception. As ACA was still working out its paperwork, more and more doctors weren’t accepting Medicaid. This meant that the demand for care was still high but now there were fewer doctors to address the needs of the people.

While we aren’t saying that the ACA was a failure, it was certainly flawed. Still, it is certainly better than nothing at all. With the ACA on the verge of being repealed, only time can truly tell if the American public will finally get the type of healthcare it truly deserves.

Blog3 770x430 - Our Right to Good Health: Why is Our Healthcare Built to Serve Only Few

Our Right to Good Health: Why is Our Healthcare Built to Serve Only Few

People have the right to proper healthcare regardless of financial status. Why is it that our uphill battle to have affordable healthcare never seems to end? What are we doing wrong?
Even before our current president was sworn into office, he was never glib about the fact that the wanted to repeal the Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA) or more commonly known as “Obama Care”. While the ACA was not perfect, it allowed a lot of Americans access to relatively affordable healthcare.

Our politicians are fighting pretty much every day to either remove or sustain our healthcare. What a lot of people don’t understand is why is the Trump administration is so hell-bent on removing ACA when it cannot even present a suitable alternative. When routinely asked about it, our president would only speak in vague and general terms like “It’s going to be great!” or “It’s going to be the best!”

hea1 - Our Right to Good Health: Why is Our Healthcare Built to Serve Only Few

These are pretty much the descriptions that you would expect from a child and not someone who you trust to run your government. Americans are torn on whether or not they support or condemn ACA but these are also the people who have benefitted from it.

If you go to the White House webpage, you will find that the information regarding ACA is no longer there. Instead, we have archives we can comb. However, the information you find there may no longer be applicable.

Our physicians are torn between their understanding of the insurance network and their own need to make a profit. This is why people like Margaret Flowers quit her practice and has actively been laboring for a healthcare reform. She understood the fact that there is a grave economic gap between those who need ACA and those who do not.

What do we really need?

At this point in time, if our government cannot provide us with a suitable alternative to the ACA, they need to leave it where it lies. They need to present logical and factual arguments as to why it needs to be removed. They also need to establish what they’re going to change. A lot of people’s lives are on the line here.

hea2 - Our Right to Good Health: Why is Our Healthcare Built to Serve Only Few

It doesn’t bode particularly well that our current leader has never known hardship or what it’s like to need medical care and not afford it. He speaks as if he knows our plight while being deaf to our cries. He is a businessman; at least, that’s what he says he is. So how would someone who has always had net profit as the end goal suitably understand the gulf between patients and their expensive medical bills?

We need new options and we need better opinions that the ones we’ve all heard before. The sad truth of it all is that medical practice, with all its bells and whistles, is still a multi-billion dollar profit market. So is it really so surprising that those in the lower economic bracket would be unable to access suitable healthcare? Everything is so wrong.